The Law Firm Interview Bible teaches you how to succeed at legal interviews:

Bidding, mass mailing, How to prep for and ace the interview.

Securing interviews outside of OCI. 

Advice on how to be sophisticated on second looks when you’ve locked down that offer. 

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Recruiting Strategy / Maximizing the Number of Interviews

Bidding Strategies

Getting interviews through OCI,


open sign-ups, 

hospitality suites, interview rooms on campus, and how to take advantage of them to the max,

Getting interviews through other means: 

effective networking, 

results-oriented mass mailing, and more. 

“You were a big help in positioning me for a successful interview season from the get-go, from researching firms to answering interview questions…even what to wear. Thank you!" 

-Cardozo School of Law, Class of 2016 

 “I didn’t reach out to these guys until I was on the verge of striking out. I only had 2 callbacks and was not confident about them at all. They helped me with mock interviews and showed me what I was doing wrong. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have an offer." 

 -Cornell Law School, Class of 2014

“I went to school in NY, and was going to stay in the city because I feared I couldn’t break into my dream secondary market, your advice helped me get a job right out of law school, where I want to be.” 

- Brooklyn Law School, Class of 2014 

How to Prepare for Law Firm Interviews

How to research firms

Attitude for the interview

Mechanics of the recruiting process

How to answer common and uncommon interview questions

How to ask the right questions of the interviewer

New: Screeners v. callbacks: how to tailor your approach

In this year’s Law Firm Interview Bible:

“We are pleased to extend you an offer”

Deciding on the right firm

Going for second looks

The right questions to ask when you visit

How to pick up on the “unspoken" cues when there

The implications of your choice from the perspective of practicing attorneys
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