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Q. Who are you people?

A. We’re big law associates at V15 firms in New York, we went through the process of OCI and stressed out through law school.  We got great jobs out of the experience, but saw others strike out. 

Now, we interview people ourselves, and understand law firm life in a way we realize no law student does. Looking back on our experiences, we see mistakes we could have avoided, and looking at our interviewees, we see them make mistakes they don’t realize they are making.  

We have been giving advice, coaching, and guiding law students privately for years, and over time we have seen the friends or strangers we helped achieve tremendous success in the job market.  We decided to write this guide to share the knowledge and training that has worked so well for so many of our friends and clients. 

Q. Who is this site for?

A. Anyone seeking a law firm job (biglaw, midlaw, and small law firms).  This includes:

  • Rising 2Ls about to go into OCI season for 2L summer associate positions
  • Rising 1Ls
  • 3Ls
  • Recent graduates
  • LL.Ms

Q. How should I use this site?

A. Read the articles.  If you find them useful, get the Law Firm Interview Bible, a comprehensive guide to every step of the law firm recruiting process, from securing screeners to deciding on a firm.

Q. Why do I need this site?  Isn’t getting a law firm job all about grades?

A. No.  While your grades and the ranking of your school are critical, interviewing ability and having the right recruiting strategy are also decisive factors.  Sadly, we have seen too many people from top 14 or top 6 schools strike out, due to anything from poor preparation for interviews to bidding exclusively DC firms.  On the other hand, we have seen numerous students from lower ranked schools or with lower grades score offers and punch above their weight through a combination of networking, mass mailing, and having the right strategy to recruiting.

Q. But interviewing for law firms is easy!  They’re all just softball “fit” questions, right?

A. It’s harder and more complicated than it looks.  We’ve written tens of thousands of words in the Law Firm Interview Bible on this topic.  A few reasons that recruiting is difficult:

  • You have one shot.  While you have (hopefully) many interviews, the first phase of recruiting (screeners) takes place over the course of a week or two.  By the time you realize you’ve done something wrong (e.g. bid on overly selective firms), it may be too late to change course.
  • Flaws in recruiting strategy.  Even if you’re great at answering fit questions, and you have 15 screeners lined up, you could still be in trouble if you are interviewing exclusively for firms in DC and for a market that require geographic ties you do not have.  This is a fundamental problem of strategy, not interviewing ability.
  • Some questions require substantive knowledge to answer.  Many students going into recruiting don’t really know what transactional law is.  So when a veteran corporate partner sits across the table from you and ask whether you want to do transactional law or litigation, she will be able to tell if you know your stuff or if you read a Chambers guide to corporate practice areas the night before.  

Q. Doesn’t Career Services/OCS handle interview prep already?

A. Of course, you should make use of all of the resources at your disposal, including Career Services.  But let’s be honest, there is widespread dissatisfaction with Career Services at many, many schools.  Law students expect more out of their tuition dollars than a Career Services office that provides only generic interview advice and a proofread of their resumes.  

This site and the Law Firm Interview Bible cover the following topics that OCS usually does not:

  • A step-by-step guide to networking for job offers
  • How to get the most number of screeners from 1) bidding 2) networking and 3) mass mailing
  • An overview of the major legal markets in the U.S., including all primary markets (e.g. NYC, DC, Chicago, northern and southern California)
  • How to ask the right questions during interviews
  • The best way to respond to interview questions
  • Deciding on an offer

Q. What is the price of the guide, what format does it come in? 

A. The guide is on sale for $47, in text format and displayed within your browser. It is not a PDF file. Once you purchase the guide, you will be asked to create an account and be granted access. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and are happy to take your feedback and answer discrete questions you have with regards to your particular situation. So feel free to e-mail us. 

Q. Why do you always talk about networking?  What’s the point?

A. Because it will change your life.

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