Happy Independence Day 


Hello everyone. It’s a new summer, and at our firm here in Manhattan, a new generation of summers have come to enjoy the splendors of the un-attainably high dining budget, envelopes full of cash that accompany baseball game tickets, and free front row seats to sold-out plays. 

It’s funny to think that it’s already been more than three years for my business partner and I, who have worked hard on this guide and these postings over the past several years, advised our customers, and held down these, pretty stressful corporate law jobs at the same time.  Though it is often difficult to live in the moment, or take a deep breath and look back at the things we’ve built and achieved, I took a brief respite this morning and thought about how many people we have been able to help, whether they bought our guide or not. Having done so, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. 

More affirming than the numbers and the content that we’ve been able to produce, was something that happened just the other day:  

I always try to gather from our new classes what kind of things they did to prepare for their OCI and interviews. I get a range of answers, from doing almost nothing, to almost obsessive, and really, excessive preparation.  Having had the guide on sale in one form or another for a little over two recruiting seasons, for the first time one of our summers mentioned using it to good result in getting a callback at our firm, and even in the ultimate decision to take the offer. I couldn’t believe it!  She didn’t know that I was behind the guide, nor how much work my business partner and I had put into getting this website together.  It just came out in casual conversation!  Now, I had seen the numbers, and had always been aware abstractly that as a simple matter of statistics it was possible folks in our massive summer classes could have read or heard of our work, but this was the first real, living, proof of our success in reaching people and actually being of use to them. 

That made me quite happy.

It’s this sort of thing that keeps us going. And we wanted to thank all our customers out there, as well as tell you all that in the next few weeks we will be pushing further updates to the guide. All revisions will be automatic for existing users, and new users can expect renewed content and more advise based both on our assessments of the market, as well as knowledge we’ve gleamed from chatting with partners and successful OCI candidates over the past year. 

Good luck!

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