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Thanks for your patronage in what has been a phenomenal year for us and our users.  At my firm, we have just sent off our summer associates, finished off the recruiting season, and are seeing the acceptances and declines trickle in.  All in all, people are making good choices, and getting good results.  Soon, the newest associates will show up.

For 1Ls reading this, that’s the path you are about to embark on.  To get on that road early, here are a few things you need to do right now:

1. line up a roster of your preferred 1L summer positions, start doing research now.  

2. A lot of public interest positions do not accept applications until November and December out of convention. You should identify these and be sure you are not sending applications too early. 

3. Start networking with people on LinkedIn who work at all of the places you are interested in going to. 

4. Start networking with folks in the 2L firms that you’ll be targeting, ask them questions relevant to your current position: what kind of 1L positions best position myself for OCI?

5. Start applying to your most preferred 1L summer jobs/internships soon, in tiered waves. 

Note that it is not the case that a law firm is the best place you can be for your 1L summer.  Most interviewers look for the substance of the experience, rather than where you were.  Of course, if you manage a 1L summer position at a super reputable national law firm, that’s not a bad thing, and might guarantee you an offer to return next summer, there are cost concerns that favor this route. 

Good luck!

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