5 Tips for men on how to dress for the interview

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The clothes:

We have already mentioned several times in previous posts how important it is to look good for your interviews, whatever the type.  Today, some short, sweet, and very practical tips about what you should wear.  These are basics, and I know at least one person out of my T6 law school who didn’t get a job almost entirely because of the way they dressed.

tip 1:

You want to look conservative, but not boring.  Fashionable, but not flashy.  Once you got the job, you can be as flashy or boring as you want, but at the interviews, you need to strike a good balance between the two.

What do i mean by too fashionable? Look here: these folks look GREAT, but you don’t want to be suiting like them during an interview.

What do i mean by boring? Here’s the epitome of boring:

tip 2:

Length. You do not want to have pants that are crunched up around your ankles.

You do not want to have sleeves (shirt or suit) that end at your palm.

For sleeves, you want: a little too fashionable for an interview, but that’s the right gist of it.

For pants, you want:  Or

tip 3:

Tightness/width. if you’re think, you do not want to look fat, and if you are fat, you do not want to get a suit that’s too tight for you.

For the thin guys, get something relatively fitted, that hugs the waist, but don’t make it too tight that you feel the tightness constricting you.

For those on the larger end, get something relatively roomy, so you look comfortable in it.  Maybe even double breasted if you have to.  This ain’t bad:

tip 4:

get the right shoes… brown shoes fit almost all colors other than black suits.  Black suit? Black shoes.  And please… buy them new.

tip 5:

Wear your suit every couple of days for a month or so before the interview. You want to look comfortable in it, if there’s anything you realize you aren’t satisfied with, there’s still time to get it recut/taken in, whatever.  When you walk into that interview though, you should look sharp.

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