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Thanks for your patronage in what has been a phenomenal year for us and our users.  At my firm, we have just sent off our summer associates, finished off the recruiting season, and are seeing the acceptances and declines trickle in.  All in all, people are making good choices, and getting good results.  Soon, the newest associates will show up.

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Guest Article On The Girl’s Guide to Law School

Hey folks, check out our guest article on the Girl’s Guide to Law School, on dealing with adverse facts during interviews

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How to Get Callback Interviews Pre-OCI/without going through a screener interview

Today I interviewed someone for callback, and if you haven’t read our articles before, I work at a V15 firm.  Now, if you know a lot about NYC white shoe firms and their interviewing timelines, you might wonder, how has this guy secured an interview even before OCI has begun at most T10 schools? The answer: he didn’t.

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Weekly OCI tip series

Readers: from June 13th onwards, we will be doing an articles series. A new article will appear each week containing practical tips on interviewing, as we count the weeks to the start of OCI.  

First article: 3 ways to project confidence in interviews. 

Second article: 5 tips for men on how to dress for your interview.

Third article: 3 things you should be doing RIGHT now to prepare for OCI/EIP.

Fourth Article: Bids must be submitted soon. Here’s what you must think about.

Fifth Article: A reminder, start early, be prepared.

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Why Networking Will Transform Your Law Firm Interviews, Legal Career, and Life

“Connecting is one of the most important business—and life—skill sets you’ll ever learn. Why? Because, flat out, people do business with people they know and like.”

-Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone

In the Networking 101 article, we explain how to network and leverage your contacts to score law firm job offers.  In the Law Firm Interview Roadmap, we explain where networking fits into the overall interview process.  And the Law Firm Interview Bible teaches the ins and outs of networking in exhaustive detail.  But why should you network in the first place?  

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3 Ways to Project Confidence in Interviews

I’ll begin this article with an anecdote. I have a good friend from law school. Very good guy, who was sort of confused about whether he wanted to work for a firm or not. A part of him wanted to, for all the same reasons you want to, but a part of him wanted to do the peace corps.

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3 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW to be ready for on campus interviews/early interview programs

If you’ve taken our advice so far, you would’ve already started to do research, line up practice interviews, and solidifying your law firm knowledge-base. You should already be relatively familiar with the law firm pecking order, the eco-system, and the hiring food chain (screener, hiring committee decision to call back, call back, hiring committee review of interviewer notes, decision).

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